800,000 Strokes – Where Are The Strokeologists?


Advocacy: There is a huge need for focus and dedicated resources. Can it be? – Is it possible with nearly 800,000 strokes annually and millions more living with the after effects of earlier ones? Yes, there aren’t any strokeologists – that’s my word. And with the coming demographics, the numbers are going to explode over the next several years. It will get worse!


Stroke isn’t sexy! Actually it’s downright depressing. SO,

As a stroke survivor I believe the entire field of stroke is dramatically underserved in awareness, education, research dollars, singularly focused healthcare personnel, development efforts and fund raising.

Everything! The whole shebang!

Yes, of course I know that cardiologists and neurologists treat stroke. But that’s different. Brain, heart! These medical professionals treat many diseases – not just one.

No focus!

Yet the disease is very complicated. Why?

  • No two strokes are exactly alike.
  • This is a customized disease!  When you get customized clothing it’s the best, in heath care it’s the worst.
  • There are all kinds of outcomes and collateral damages. None the same!
  • There are many kinds of strokes, not just one; two broad types of strokes,

Clots termed Ischemic strokeso   And there are different types of clots;

Embolic and Thrombotic strokes, large and small vessel strokes.

Bleeds termed Hemorrhagic strokes.

Doesn’t that all sound complicated? Damn right!

What is missing is a substantial body of healthcare practitioners and researcher’s who get up every morning saying:

“The only thing professionally that I am focusing on today is stroke”.

That’s what we need!

An “orphan disease” – let’s bring it in from the cold!



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