For the past eighteen years Bob Mandell has battled to recover from a massive stroke that left him living in a nursing home at 53. Incontinent, paralyzed on his dominant side and in a wheel chair, at one point he was unable to speak, think, write, or do much of anything else.

Initially he had to relearn to walk which he did at Main Street Rehabilitation in Danbury, Ct both on land and in a heated indoor pool. He is shown with his physical therapist Carrie relearning to walk. (picture I gave you)

Later in his recovery after moving to Florida he joined the Brain Rehabilitation Center in Gainesville where he was a subject in several research studies. The video shows him participating in an exploratory locomotion study where he was the first stroke patient in the program to try this approach. Based on pre and post testing, his walking speed improved by 25% over the two week test period. (video)

Fast forward to today, the wheelchair and cane are long gone! Both he and his wife, Debbie, travel the globe while continuing to explore new stroke rehabilitation techniques, both for himself, and his community. (Canadian partnership meeting picture)

With this book as a platform, he has begun to play a motivational speaking role while advocating for more focus and understanding of stroke, its survivors, and their caregivers. He is also developing a new non-profit foundation to raise money to increase the level of privately funded stroke research.

He received his MS Degree in Business from Penn State and a BBA from Pace University in New York. Previous to his stroke, he was a corporate executive, a partner in an international management consulting firm, an Adjunct Instructor at Fairfield University and an entrepreneur in several endeavors.

He may be contacted directly at Bob@StrokeVictor.com