Bob Mandell Joins Young Stroke Retreat Lineup

BobBob Mandell, young stroke survivor and founder of The Stroke Research Foundation, will present during the Fall Retreat in North Carolina on October 16. The Stroke Research Foundation’s mission is to improve post-stroke lifestyles by promoting a range of 21st Century therapeutic modalities. The Foundation is also addressing the underfunding of rehabilitation research, developing media campaigns which seek to increase stroke awareness, and by supporting its Stroke Recovery Fund which supports stroke rehabilitation therapy for people without the means to pay themselves and who have hit their insurance caps.

Dr. Souvik SenDr. Souvik Sen of the University of South Carolina Medical School returns to share outcomes of focus group activities from the June conference. With Fall Retreat attendees, he will further explore potential gaps in knowledge for future research study. Attendees will be invited preview the new assessment tool evolving from this initiative. After a day of new learning, attendees will again be invited to participate in a focus group for capture insights and directions for future examination.

Lee PearsonLee Pearson of the South Carolina Institute for Medicine and Public Health serves as the keynote of the Fall Retreat. He will address how to educate legislators about young stroke with current challenges impeding access and dissemination of data related to stroke among young adults.

As a first time participant and speaker at this retreat I am anxious to learn more about this neglected segment of the stroke population.

The retreat will begin with a dinner where I will be interested to get participant inputs regarding stroke rehabilitation and recovery. Also, what has been the impact of having a stroke at a younger age on friend and family relationships.

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