Book review: Good news for those on the path to recovery from stroke

This marvelous self-help book is likely to save or extend a lot of lives. However, its central focus is enhancing the quality of life for those who have undergone lifechanging illnesses or injuries.

While the information and advice is primarily for stroke victims, Bob Mandell’s guidance can be applied to many different situations in which recovery from a disability is sought. His personal story is the engaging and inspiring trunk and branches of the book. On these branches, Mr. Mandell has hung the fruits of what he has learned.

For me, his most widely applicable piece of advice is the need to take responsibility, to question, to be an aggressive patient who challenges medical personal and especially conventional wisdom. Passive people are likely to be buried by their insecurities, by medical care bureaucracy and by accepting what’s immediately available or convenient rather than what is best for their recovery and rehabilitation.

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