Naples Resident Invited to Attend Noted Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery Meeting

Bob Mandell, a Naples resident, known as the “Stroke Victor” (the title of his upcoming book), has been invited to attend the noted Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery Meeting “Advances in Stroke Recovery” held in Ottawa, Canada June 9 and 10.

In addition to meeting with high-level physicians and researchers, he will be posting articles and blog posts during and after the meeting in order to make the US stroke community aware of the progress towards creating new stroke recovery solutions being developed in Canada.

This unique forum is designed to showcase innovation in the field of stroke recovery. Sessions will highlight the latest research related to new technologies (including robotics), new approaches to stimulate brain recovery, and new clinical practices and approaches to maximize the benefits of rehabilitation.

The objectives of the meeting are:

• to showcase recent innovation in the field of stroke recovery, both within Canada and globally;
• to identify potential new areas of research and forge research collaborations;
• to provide an interactive environment that fosters lively discussion and debate related to approaches to stroke recovery; and
• to provide trainees interested in stroke recovery a forum to showcase their work and learn from leaders in the field.

Advances in Stroke Recovery is hosted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery (CPSR). This one-of-a-kind research partnership brings together leading Canadian researchers, research institutions, and the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation with the aim of restoring the lives of those affected by stroke. The keynote speaker is Dr. Bruce Dobkin, former editor-in-chief of Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair.

Stroke Victor will be available prepublication in PDF form in late June and in paperback in late July and will be published in September.

Bob Mandell can be reached at or at 239-249-9575.

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