PROBLEM – Overwhelmed by a stroke to yourself or a loved one!

STROKE VICTOR SOLUTION –Coaching for Stroke Recovery. One to One personal, customized, sensitive and empathetic assistance from someone who has “walked the walk”!

Caryn McAllisterwebYou, your spouse or partner parent or family member has had a stroke! Now what? You are overwhelmed with things you no little or nothing about.

A place to turn

Enter the Stroke Victor Coach – a service to help in finding the path to recovery! Coaching the patient, coaching the caregiver!

We were in your shoes – “We walked the walk, learned some things, now we are talking the talk.”

Writing my book and interviewing many good folks I realized that so many are overwhelmed by the sudden new situation – a Stroke in their mist. Where to turn and what to do – suggests the need for an experienced, knowledgeable friend and coach to help guide you or your loved one through the process towards recovery.

We can talk about your situation and needs and then fashion a plan, understanding that flexibility is required and we are dealing with “a work in process”.

Please call 239-249-9575 or email me for a quick response.

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