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Utilizing little known innovative therapies, strategies, and a mind/body mentality the “Stroke Victor” pushed himself well beyond what was expected. Learn the tricks, techniques, devices, mental games and philosophies that will help every stroke victim have a stronger recovery and ultimate healing.

Think things are tough in your business?

These same strategies can be applied to your Corporation or business.

Suggested Topics for Speaking Engagements

1. 800,000 Strokes – Where’s the Strokeologists?

ABSTRACT: There is a huge need for focus and dedicated resources

Can it be? – Is it possible with nearly 800,000 strokes annually and millions more living with the after effects of earlier ones?

Yes, there aren’t any strokeologists – that’s my word.

And with the coming demographics, the numbers are going to explode over the next several years. It will get worse!

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 2. Disruptive Innovation in Clinical Research Results in Dramatically Improved Patient Outcomes and Increased Profits.

ABSTRACT: Clinical research needs a large dose of disruptive innovation!

  • Clinical research – an enormous area
  • Growth engine in the pharmaceutical, biotech and other healthcare areas

o   Organic growth through research – an important element in financial valuation of medical enterprises

o   Time is money

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bob-mandell-missionA Patient Perspective

Patients, the customers of the entire healthcare system have a perspective. But is it heard by the titans of the healthcare industry?

With the healthcare field going bananas, unbelievable insurance chaos, cutbacks in reimbursement, pressure on physician time, changes in the pharmaceutical industry and so many more.

Perhaps it is time to stop, look and think about how one can maximize patient outcomes while decreasing costs by creating a collaborative model of healthcare. Stroke Victor, Bob Mandell, former Partner in an International Management Consulting firm provides a different perspective – a patient perspective based on the principals he learned many moons ago consulting for the nation’s largest corporations.

With his years of patient centric experience and a keen participant’s eye, Bob presents a view and suggestions for how, for example, research efforts can be speeded along with important corporate money saving financial implications.

Roadmap to Cutting Edge Healthcare that’s Free

Clinical Research! What’s that and Why Should I Care? How Can It Help? How Do I Access It?

Author Bob Mandell will lead an interactive discussion about the field of clinical research and why you, the survivor, should participate. elpHelp?? ?

“I would bet that less than one patient in a hundred understands why they should become a patient subject in research studies.”

Sound unbelievable – it isn’t – but you have to know how to access it! This is state of the art healthcare. Learn how to navigate the clinical research system to get medical care for free. Once you find and are accepted into a study, what’s it going to be like?

This motivational and economically benefiting talk teaches patients how to locate, qualify for and benefit from the clinical research system. Spoken from experience as a Stroke Victor, multi clinical research patient, and the author of the soon to be published book, Stroke Victor, How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor.

And these lessons apply to survivors of all diseases.


One of my primary objectives in writing a book was to provide a platform to speak about, and advocate for more focus on stroke. Much more! Meeting with scientists and medical professionals who have something to do with stroke, I frankly, became appalled and more than a little, astounded.

Stroke is an amazingly underserved orphan disease!

Listen to the story and join us!

Contact me at or you are invited to call 239-254-8266 in the Eastern time zone.

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  1. It was a pleasure to reach you by phone just now. As I mentioned I read about you in the “Beyond the GATES” magazine in my Doctor’s office. I was there because I was told that I’m a candidate for a stroke because my platelets have gone to 699. My wife and I own Naples Original Video Productions for over 25 years here in Naples. We expanded our business to include capturing and preserving the life stories
    of interesting people. That company is “Great Documentary, Inc. You can check out our web sites to learn more.
    I’m hopeful that we can meet in the near future to share ideas for capturing and preserving your amazing story.
    Let me know if this interest you.

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