Stroke Recovery Coaching

Stroke Recovery Coaching

Mandell ExcersisewebA “supportive and comforting ear”

You and your caregiver partner are perhaps experiencing frustration – we did. How to deal with the understandable feeling of depression and wanting to give up – in that situation recovery progress is slow or not at all. I’ve talked with and counseled many stroke survivors like myself and believe that I have been a positive influence both as a coach and brain injury peer counselor at Naples Community Hospital, in Naples, FL where we live.

Can we be helpful? Me, from a survivor and recently published stroke recovery author perspective, and if appropriate my wife, Debbie from a caregiver vantage point. Every situation is different partly because every stroke is different.

Enter The Stroke Victor Coach – a service to help in finding the path to recovery! Coaching the patient, coaching the caregiver, resources!

Some areas to think about:

Difficult to find recovery resources, suggestions for overcoming feelings of depression, new therapies that are not well known, becoming involved in clinical research to possibly get the benefit of cutting-edge techniques, assistance in advocating for your patient needs.

And just being a sympathetic, and supportive ear from a couple who “are walking the walk” as you are.

I am suggesting, at no cost, a 20 minute conversation so that we can get to know each other a little and discover where just maybe, I or my caregiver wife Debbie, can give you an idea or two to make your life even a tiny bit easier.

To schedule that call please call me, Bob Mandell, at 239-254-8266.

Coaching will be provided in person or by phone depending on the situation and geography.

Latest Stroke Recover Coaching Topics

Thinking back while writing my book, Stroke Victor I realized that Debbie was an excellent caregiver. That doesn’t mean that she did everything for me. Actually, in my view that is not a good caregiver. The survivor must strive for independence to be a Victor and that means that they must learn, or relearn to do things for themselves. This is true for stroke in men and stroke in woman. Find another way if the original approach is not doable after stroke. The caregiver can certainly give close support and perhaps finish a task if at a particular stage the survivor just can’t do the task. But only after a really good “college try”! And the survivor should understand that the next time they try that task they should try to extend their gains with the objective of ultimately finding a way. I can’t tell you how many times I did that while recovering from my stroke.

Functional Medicine (FM) – a new term to me and perhaps to you! It was highlighted in a recent article in Florida Weekly (July 8, 2015). It turns out that I, admittedly unwittingly, have been practicing the elements of FM for years. This approach seeks to combine the best of integrative medicine with the best of traditional approaches. In my book Stroke Victor, How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor I described my approach to “pushing the pencil” of my stroke recovery by utilizing integrative techniques as one thing to beat the many plateau’s I endured.

For those of us who have a disability, the invitation can present a special problem. Don’t let it! Of course you can go to your local supermarket and purchase something – a salad or a pie or cake, but that is not my style.

STROKE VICTOR SOLUTION – Develop a Stroke Readiness Plan which includes at a minimum understanding the signs of stroke – F.A.S.T. and if it appears that there are stroke symptoms, then know where to go, in detail. WHY? “All hospitals are not created the same”.

STROKE VICTOR SOLUTION –Coaching for Stroke Recovery. One to One personal, customized, sensitive and empathetic assistance from someone who has “walked the walk”!

STROKE VICTOR SOLUTION – Forthcoming book, Stroke Victor, How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor explores innovative and holistic approaches to maximizing patient recovery. What are the opportunities? How to gain Victor status and how a survivor can be helped!

STROKE VICTOR SOLUTION – Create a foundation to support a significant increase in privately funded research to conquer the after-effects of stroke.

Helping others –

How can we assist you? Contact me at or you are invited to call 239-254-8266 in the Eastern time zone.