Stroke Research Foundation


The Stroke Research Foundation’s Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Stroke Research Foundation’s (SRF) mission is to dramatically improve post-stroke outcomes and lifestyles. We accomplish that mission in four ways:

  • By the establishment of a survivor resource information portal,
  • By establishing The Stroke Recovery Fund,
  • With public campaigns and media initiatives supported by the Foundation to increase stroke awareness.
  • By funding 21st Century rehabilitation research grants.

The totality of these initiatives will make a measurable difference in the lives of stroke survivors, their caregivers, and extended communities.

The vehicle for these initiatives is The Stroke Research Foundation (, a 501c3 organization established in Naples, FL .


The 21st Century healthcare landscape has become very much a self-service model. There are substantial financial and time pressures that impact the way healthcare is delivered today. Gone are the days when your physician can spend huge amounts of time with each patient. In the context of this macro-environment a family, many families in SW Florida and nationally are suddenly impacted by a stroke. What to do? Where to turn?

Vision Statement

The vision of The Foundation is to fill a substantial and surprising gap in stroke awareness, information, rehabilitation research and funding and overall media coverage. Though stroke is a quite ubiquitous and complex disease, for inexplicable reasons from my patient perspective, there is a huge gap to be filled. For example, both publicly and privately funded research is not up to an appropriate level for a disease which is the number five killer and number one long-term disabling disease.

The Stroke Research Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to raising money for Stroke Research with the objective of improving stroke recovery outcomes. I am particularly focused on the quality of the recovery from the perspective of post-stroke lifestyle and the speed of the recovery.

This will profoundly help many people, not only the survivors but their caregivers and those in their extended communities. Take it from me, when stroke hits, there is considerable “people collateral damage”.

Listen to the story and join us!

Visit the Stroke Research Foundation website at or you are invited to call 239-254-8266 in the Eastern time zone.

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