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This is the beginning a new journey for me, to blog about current issues impacting the broad field of Stroke from a patient perspective. This seems like a sensible way to follow-up the publication of my new book, Stroke Victor, The Guide Book To Beating The Odds After Stroke and other Disabilities. The book is currently with the publisher and will be available in PDF form later in July and as a paperback by August 30th. The official publication date will be in September when everyone returns from the beach!

Recovery is a work in progress and the field of Stroke is a work in progress, incidentally, one that critically needs to be speeded up.

The plan is to comment at least weekly on subjects like new rehabilitation techniques, new research on impacting stroke, diet and fitness issues effecting stroke survivors, current articles and events in the field of brain injuries and stroke and any other stroke related information that I find in the future.

I hope that these posts will be constructive to the extended stroke community. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please comment and join the conversation!

What’s New?

Stroke Victor, The Guide To Beating The Odds After Stroke and Other Disabilities, New Book at Publisher – Pre- Publication Date July 30th

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