Going to Holiday Parties After Stroke

4th July 34th of July and the summer hold the prospect of an invitation to a sharing party. You typically will be asked to bring a food item, dessert, salad or appetizer depending on the menu and group. That’s always great fun! In Naples we have good friends who have their 4th of July party at their condo overlooking the Gulf where one can then see several firework displays after dark.

For those of us who have a disability, the invitation can present a special problem. Don’t let it! Of course you can go to your local supermarket and purchase something – a salad or a pie or cake, but that is not my style.

As I mentioned in my book, Stroke Victor, one of the reasons that my wife, Debbie answered my personal dating advertisement 22 years ago in the Greenwich Time was that I said I could cook. I have always specialized in quick cooking and generally have created my own recipes or modified others’ to make them easier to execute, more healthful or tasty.

If you are still doing stroke rehabilitation you might want to ask the occupational therapist to assist you in cooking skills, if they haven’t done so already. If you acquire these skills after stroke you are more independent, something very important to me and most likely to you.

After stroke I purchased a pair of titanium scissors which I find easily cut thru the plastic bags that contain the vegetable part of the recipe.

I have several recipes for 4th of July barbeques or parties which are handicap friendly, therefore super easy and have without exception proven very popular. I thought that I would share my coleslaw recipe – every holiday barbeque needs a slaw!

Stroke Victor Slaw – for 6-8 people

16 oz bag of bought coleslaw mix
5-7 oz stick cut or grated carrots which can be purchased in a bag in the produce aisle
½ cup of brown raisins
½ cup golden raisins
1/2 cup Marie’s Coleslaw Dressing

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and then transfer the salad to a clean serving bowl. Don’t forget to use a non-breakable bowl with a cover if it has to be transported. Rubbermaid brand bowls are sold in the supermarket.

Bingo – That’s it! (I have to admit that the salad dressing has a few more calories than I sometimes mention. It’s a holiday – Go For It! Want to make it extra fancy for the holiday – cover the mixed slaw with Craisins to get a festive red look. If you add the Craisins you can reduce the raisins in the recipe by a little but that’s to taste. If you like the slaw to be juicier, add a bit of the extra salad dressing.

I’m talking easy – enjoy! For more guests, just proportion the recipe up 50% or double it and then use the entire bottle of salad dressing. You can add a few spoons of water to keep the salad liquid, if desired.

This easy and delicious homemade recipe for a stroke survivor and their caregiver will make you a party hero! I will be posting other easy to make recipes in this blog in the future.