Stroke Victor: Out, About, Involved & Active!

For the past eighteen years Bob Mandell has battled to recover from a massive stroke that left him in a nursing home at 53. Incontinent, paralyzed on one side and in a wheel chair, unable to speak, think, write, or do much of anything else, his life turned into a disaster! Fast forward to today: life after stroke can be beautiful. Bob remains out, about, involved and active.

Here are some of the conferences and events that Bob has attended recently this year.

The Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery was held in Ottawa, Canada June 9-10, 2014. The meeting was held to discuss new research in stroke recovery and after stroke considerations. The research is currently in various stages of investigation and approval. Bob was honored to be invited to be a media person at the scientific meeting. Above is Bob with Dr. Dale Corbett (left) and Dan McEwen, a PH.D. student (right). 



The Affiliate Summit was held in New York at the Marriott Marquis on Aug 9-12 2014.

About 4,000 marketing professionals attended to discuss affiliate marketing techniques, deal making, and to network about their interests. Bob was invited to attend and he spent time learning how to  use some of these techniques. The plan is to incorporate some of these methodologies in his Stroke Victor initiative which is in the planning stages. He met with speakers as well as many attendees who were in support of this important effort.

Pictured to the left is Bob with Keynote speaker Dr. Julie Gurner and Affiliate Summit founders Shawn Collins and Missy Ward.