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As the author of the soon to be published book, Stroke Victor, How To Beat the Odds After Stroke and other Disabilities I’ve learned so many lessons of recovery to share with your audience. Sitting in a nursing home at the age of 53, paralyzed, unable speak, think or control even the most basic bodily functions, I learned how to move forward with a smile on my face. Providing an inspirational…

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Our Mission

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Patients, the customers of the entire healthcare system have a perspective. With the healthcare field going bananas, unbelievable insurance chaos, cutbacks in reimbursement, pressure on physician time, changes in the pharmaceutical industry and so many more. Perhaps it is time to stop, look and think about how one can maximize their outcomes and decrease their costs by creating….

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Our Services

Stoke-victor Front Services

Motivational and Healthcare Industry Speaking Engagements

I am honored to speak to and about critical healthcare issues from my own special perspective, the view of Stroke Victor.

Did I ever tell you about my most important lesson learned and make no mistake …

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New Release

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Our Clients Say:

Bob Mandell’s story of overcoming a truly substantial health challenge is compelling and it is inspiring.

He has earned the title “Stroke Victor.” Those who have heard his story of recovery have been unanimous in urging him to share his remarkable achievement with others. I am among those who have asked Bob to take his story to audiences young and old. As an Emeritus Professor of Communication at the University of Michigan, I can attest not only to the wonderful story to be told but to the extraordinary skill with which the story is presented.

For the program planner, conference coordinator, or the individual simply looking for a great speaker, with an unbelievable story of overcoming the odds, Bob Mandell is the man.

C. William Colburn, Ph.D

Emeritus Professor, The University of Michigan


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